Kenner Collections Agency

For most any business in Kenner, collecting from past due accounts is a chore. It takes you away from what you do best: running and growing your business. It adds additional stress, as you're always wondering if you are following the latest regulations. Yet it is a necessity, since past due accounts slow your cash flow.

We Can Improve Your Cash Flow: Freeing You To Do What You Do Best

At TeleRecovery, we can help. By managing your collection for you, we help get your cash flow moving again. And we free you up to do what you do best, your business.

Our Kenner collection agency has served clients like you for more than a quarter of a century, keeping up with the latest regulations, the most innovative technologies and serving them with timely, detailed reporting, including credit reporting and updating. (Read what our clients think of us.)

Three Unique Client Benefits

There are three unique client benefits that set us apart from others in our industry. Your first benefit is our "Early Out" collection program where we can function as your in-house collections department.

The second benefit is our personalized customer service provided by a well-trained, dedicated and insured staff. As a client of ours, you will receive personal assistance in managing your collection accounts and your phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.

"Fast and Efficient Collection of Your Money"

The third benefit you will receive as a client is having a collection lawyer at your side through our long-standing relationship with the law firm of Stanley C. Kottemann Jr. & Associates. He and his attorneys provide comprehensive collection and litigation services, giving you a "one-stop" collection solution for resolving routine delinquent agency accounts and accounts selected for litigation.

Past Due Accounts Dragging You Down? We Can Help.

If your bottom line is being dragged down by past due accounts, we can help. Contact TeleRecovery either online or by calling us locally at 504-305-3103, or toll free at 877-888-8307.